Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Angela, crucify your ego!

Reviewing my past, I can clearly see that every person l was in contact with, even those I have seen an heard for only a couple of minutes, maybe at a meeting, or at a concert, were in fact my life instructors. Because of them, thanks to them, due to them, I am today who/what I am. This is more or less what the Africans means with their word 'Ubuntu'. “People are people through people.”  

And I am still learning how to be me, as I am growing all the time.

Today His Lordshit demean me to a liar, and he called me ‘white trash’. Instead of being kind, humble, meek, merciful, longsuffering, forbearing and forgiving – (Col.3:12-13) – like Jesus when he was accused by the chief priest and the elders – (Matt.27:12) – I lost my temper and fiercely defended my good reputation.

Now, almost midnight, I grasp the lesson he had taught me: "Crucify your ego! If someone calls you a liar, while you know your are not a liar, don't get upset. Hold on to your dignity because it is more precious than the opinion of another person.

You know, Angie, I always end my letters to you with one of my favourite Bible scriptures, but tonight I’m going to quote Albert Einstein: "Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish".

Love u!

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